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診療予約 カウンセリング
診療予約 カウンセリング



2007 Congress of APLI

2007 Congress of Asia Pacific Laser Institute
出版社:VATECH & EWOO(2007/7)

Esthetic Treatment with Ankylos Implant

Today, limitation of implants esthetic achievements in various aspects is being cleared. Regarding this background, there are some important points that we have to consider before starting treatment in the anterior region,

Height of Interdental papilla is going to come down, because bone resorption occurs biologically and makes gingival height lower to apical.

So I consider that implant have to be placed with considering position and preservation of interdental papilla, and soft tissue and hard tissue have to be augmented with considering biological and esthetic.

And we can see some research report regarding Platform Switching taht shows us this concept prevents bone resorption, and there area clinical cases.

Although scientific evidence seems to be not enough yet, I am interested in this concept.

Regarding prosthetic parts material, there are some short-term clinical research reports that show us good esthetic result and good stability of soft tissue in the anterior region with using Zirconium abutment, comparing with conventional abutment.

So I would like to share clinical case, single tooth treatment in the anterior region, with considering above concept.


第1章 日本人の約9割がアゴ筋がこっている
第2章 アゴ筋をほぐすと頭痛が消える
第3章 アゴ筋をほぐすと血糖値が下がる
第4章 “ながら"でできるアゴ筋マッサージ&ストレッチ
第5章 アゴ筋がこらない生活とは
第6章 わたしたち、アゴ筋マッサージで

決定版 絵で見てなっとくインプラントQ&A

インプラント治療は、科学的な裏付け(エビデンス)のもと基本に忠実に治療を行えば、患者様のQOL(食生活を含めた生活の質)を飛躍的に向上させること は実証済みです。